Core10 Pilates Trainers

Coaching the best Group Fitness Classes in Omaha

We create only exceptional workouts and experiences for our members.
  • The results are phenomenal – It’s the results of the workouts that keep people coming back.
  • Core10 Members love their trainers, the vibe of the studio and the variety of equipment and workouts. 
  • Classes are music-driven with energetic playlists designed to make you want to move!

Core10 members walk away from class thinking”OMG that workout blew my mind! And my body feels amazing!”

In too many fitness studios, instructors walk in to teach a class thinking, “I’ve got a good idea…I’m just gonna wing it.”

And worse yet, some come to class with no idea what they’re doing, and they are expecting to be inspired by the time they get there. 

This is very common across so many different fitness studios.

We take the technical side off of our Trainers at Core10, and let our team bring their individual energy and personalities to make the class come to life!

Every one of our trainers shines with their unique teaching styles and personalities. They make each workout extraordinary in their own personal way. We’ve got the perfect combination. 

The Core10 “Secret Sauce”

  • Community connection is #1 at Core10. Our trainers have sincere passion for the Core10 Method and practice it ourselves regularly. 
  • We genuinely care about each of our members. We connect with the people in our Core10 community and get to know each person, and help our members connect with each other. 
  • Core10 Trainers are certified in various formats of fitness and are experienced at coaching, cueing, and teaching group classes and private sessions. We continue our education monthly to fine tune our teaching skills and practice what we’ll be teaching in the coming month so you get the best workout and awesome results.
  • Core10 workouts are expertly choreographed to be balanced full body workouts that are intense on your muscles, not on your joints or spine. 
  • Our Trainers coach form and technique for each move, and teach you how to get more out of every exercise to maximize your results.
  • We consistently give cues on how to make it harder and easier so that everyone can get a great workout – no matter what level of fitness you are or how much experience you have.

Our classes often have someone who’s brand new working out next to a seasoned member who wants to take their workout to the next level. Everyone can choose options given by their instructor to make their workout fit their needs on any given day.

Our community culture is one of non-judgment and encouragement of each other – not just Trainer to Member, but also Member to Member. 

People often reach out to help new people learn the ins and outs of machine changes and give tips and assistance throughout workouts as needed.


New people feel authentically welcome at Core10, no matter their fitness level or experience on the machines.


Try a class or schedule a private session to test drive Core10 Pilates!

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