Core10 Pilates Trainer Team

Coaching the best Group Fitness Classes in Omaha

Core10 will give you the most effective, full-body reformer workouts in Omaha. And our kick-a** trainers will help you crush your goals.

There are no other fitness studios that deliver athletic Pilates reformer classes the way we do at Core10. It’s intense on the muscles, not on the joints and spine. Try it – Book your first class or private session!

From the studio vibe to our awesome playlists, and our awesome trainers, you’ll have an epic experience in every class. 

It’s not just what we teach in each workout, but how we teach it that makes Core10 the best Pilates studio in Omaha for athletic people dedicated to changing their bodies.

Although we push you to your limits physically, we are heart-centered, we care deeply, and we make real connections with our members.

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