Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Core10 is a Pilates Studio in West Omaha Specializing in Group Fitness Reformer Classes.

Strengthen, Lengthen & Tone Your Entire Body 


Forget working out alone! Our Pilates studio has an inspiring fitness community backing you all the way. There’s no snotty-Pilates at Core10. 

We have a community filled with authentic, like-minded people who encourage and lift each other up every day.

You’ll get expert coaching and inspiration from our team of trainers who will help you crush your goals. 


  Core10 has the best equipment, with the main stars of the show being the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer. The Tower is attached to the reformer so we can integrate them or work with them individually. 

The variety keeps things fresh and fun at Core10! We also have Exo-Chairs, Barrels, Jumpboards, bungees, and free weights.

Classes will challenge you

And change the way you look feel and move. Core10 Pilates reformer classes will strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body. 

Core10 is a heart-pumping, muscle-quivering, full body workout to build strong, lean muscles that burns fat more efficiently.

Give us 50-minutes, 3-4 times a week and you will get the results you’ve always wanted. 

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