Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Core10 Pilates Specializes in Reformer Pilates Classes in Omaha

Forget working out alone!

Core10 has a fun and inspiring fitness community backing you all the way.

The Core10 community is filled with people who are dedicated to being strong, fit, and flexible.

Sweat, shake and burn with us in the best reformer Pilates classes in Omaha!

Additionally, you’ll get expert coaching and inspiration from our awesome team of trainers who will help you crush your goals.

More About the Team

   We use only the best of all Pilates machines – the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer, complete with the Tower attached. 

It’s an incredibly effective machine that uses a system of spring loads, pulleys, and bungees to work your entire body in a uniquely intense way.

We use additional Pilates equipment as well: EXO-Chairs, Barrels, Jumpboards, Bala Power Rings, and free weights.

Why Core10 Workouts are So Effective

Fun Music-Driven Fitness Pilates Classes for all Levels

Full Body Workouts that are Intense on the Muscles, Not Your Joints or Spine

Burn Fat – Even Hours After the Workout

6 Weekly Beginner Pilates Reformer Classes…We call these Essentials

Hit It All in Every Class

✅ Total Body Strength
✅ Core Conditioning
✅ Cardio Intervals
✅ Flexibility
✅ Balance

See the Class Schedule

Strengthen, Lengthen & Tone Your Entire Body


I LOVE Core10!!!

Core10 was the workout I needed...at the exact time that I needed it.

The instructors are top of the line.
They really care about their members' success.

The scheduling of the classes keeps me accountable.
The workouts are incredible because
it's low-impact and high-intensity - and just killer!


Core10 Pilates is SO MUCH MORE than a great workout...

It is the place that has transformed my thoughts, the way I see food and nutrition, the power of habits, and has empowered me to new levels of strength: body, mind, and spirit!

They are the BEST in their field. They challenge, inspire, correct, and lead.

If you're looking for a high-intensity workout with the most awesome people you will ever meet, Core10 is your place!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

What IS the Core10 Pilates Workout All About?

Core10 workouts take a more athletic approach to traditional Pilates reformer classes. We blend the best of Pilates reformer exercises with the best traditional strength training exercises to make it a better workout so you get better results faster. 

Classes are challenging, core-focused and fun! Workouts are intense on the muscles, not on the joints or spine. Space is limited – 11 per class. You get your own reformer, tower, exo-chair and an awesome team of expert trainers to coach you through every sweat session.

What You Get:

  • Effective and fun workouts that give fast results
  • More intensity and fat-burning than you can get with traditional Pilates or basic strength training in a gym on your own
  • Small classes that guarantee you personal attention from expert Core10 trainers
  • Hands-on corrections and motivational pushes to inspire you to work hard
  • A workout you can do day after day and not get bored or plateau because we change the workout daily.

Which Class Should You Take First?

Our signature Full Body class is open to all members – brand new and those who are experienced. We also have Essentials classes 6 days every week. See the class schedule HERE.

Leveling our Full Body classes is not necessary or helpful to our members. We teach every exercise starting at the base move (level 1) and slowly build it in difficulty (up to level 4) with coaching cues from our trainers. 

We encourage you to progress as your abilities can handle, and this can change day-to-day for each person, no matter what your fitness or experience level is.

More experienced and advanced students (we call them “Pros”) may choose the more difficult variation while newer members may stick with the more basic version. These options and progressions are clearly identified and coached in every class.

We have Essentials available 6 days a week as an option for beginners, or for anyone who prefers a challenging workout with only 1-2 layers of progression taught.

Essentials is not just a form and technique class (we teach form and technique in EVERY class). It’s a muscle-quivering sweat session that works the entire body. 

Essentials classes often attract members who need more modifications and want to be in a group where the majority is taking the modified version or base-move. If you want or need more time in between each series of exercises, then Essentials is the perfect class for you.

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