Terms & Conditions

1. BOOKING classes, waitlists and the 12-hour CANCELLATION policy

Booking ClassesUse the Core10 Pilates mobile app to book and cancel classes, and manage your waitlists. The app is available for download iPhone and Android. If you prefer to access your account through our website, go to the schedule page.

How Waitlists Work: Add yourself to the waitlist and, as spots open, we release them in the order you put yourself onto it. The waitlist is no longer active 12-hours before class, so if you don’t get into the class you want 12 hours prior, be sure to check the schedule through your app to grab last-minute openings.

Simple Waitlist Rules

  • Managing your waitlist is your responsibility. Our app makes it easy and you’ll also want to be sure to opt in to receive waitlist notifications via text or email on your online profile.
  • By waitlisting a class, you’re agreeing that you’ll take the class if you get into it.
  • You can cancel the waitlisted spot up to 12 hours before class at no charge.
  • If you cancel within 12 hours of class, it’s considered a charged Late Cancellation.
  • If you no-show the reservation, it’s considered a charged No Show. No exceptions.
  • You must cancel on your app or through our website. No phone calls, texts, or emails are accepted as cancelations. No exceptions.
  • When you get into a class, make sure to cancel any other waitlisted backup classes or reservations immediately, so you do not get added to multiple classes and get charged for classes you don’t attend.

Cancel 12 Hours Before Classes to Avoid Late Cancellation fees ($15) and No Show Fees ($20).

 Intro Offers, and 10-Class PackagesCore10 Memberships
Early Cancel (up to 12 hours before class)FreeFree
Late Cancel (within 12 hours of class)Lose 1 Class$15 Charge
No Show ClassLose 1 Class$20 Charge

You must cancel online using your app or the website. No phone calls. No phone calls, texts, or emails are accepted as cancelations. No exceptions.

running late to class - you may lose your spot.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class to be ready to start class on time. We understand that life happens! However, in the case that you arrive more than 5 minutes late for class, your spot may be given to a standby client. Thankfully, this is a very rare situation, but it does happen. If you lose your spot, you are not charged for the class.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the start time, you will not be allowed entry for your safety and the experience of all clients.

memberships auto renew and require a 30 day cancelation to end

Our monthly memberships withdraw directly from your card on file on the 1st of each month and auto-renew at the end of your term agreed upon in your membership (monthly, 6-month, or 12-month memberships). 

You will need to provide a 30-day notice prior to your next billing cycle to cancel. Send your notice to [email protected]   Our Program Coordinator will confirm your cancelation with you. 

Early Termination of Your Membership:

Any memberships canceled before or within the agreement term agreement will be subject to an early termination fee of 50% of the remaining balance of your membership dues.

our membership hold policy

Memberships can easily be placed on hold with a 15-day notice emailed to [email protected] for up to 2 months per year. The hold fee is listed on your original agreement.

a valid card on file is required on your account

To attend classes at Core10 Pilates, we require that you have an active credit or debit card on your account. We will use it only to charge fees and retail or classes you purchase. If the card is declined or expired, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate booking privileges until you update it.


Class packages and memberships are not transferable. Each person who comes to class must have their own account and class package. All sales of memberships, class packs, gift cards, retail, workshops, and programs are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

grip socks are required

For our Core10 Pilates classes, we require all clients to wear grip socks for safety and sanitary reasons. No regular socks are allowed because they’re slippery and not safe. No bare feet – Gross!

We offer an outright smokin’ selection of gripped socks for sale at Core10. We do not offer loaner or rental socks.

💎 Diamond Club members get a 10% discount on all retail items. 

STUdio policies

Enter the Studio 5-10 Minutes Prior to Your Scheduled Class Time.

Sanitize Your Hands Upon Entering the Studio. We also recommend you do this at the end as well. We have 2 sanitizing dispensers for your convenience.

Please Stay Home If:

  • You Have a Temp Above 100.4, and 24 hours from having a temp.
  • Have a cough, sneezing, muscle aches, or any other potential symptoms of illness.


Kids or Pets. Although they brighten our day, due to safety concerns, we do not allow children to remain unattended while class is in session. The same thing goes for your fur-children. Our staff is busy ensuring everyone has a knockout experience and can’t keep your child or pet safe or give the attention he/she deserves. 

No Cell Phones. We request that you do not use your cell phone while class is in session. Unplug and treat yourself to some peace. At the very least, put your phone on vibrate and take all calls outside of the studio.

No Stuff in Class. For safety reasons and out of respect for your fellow Core10 community, we request that you put all belongings in the bins as you enter the studio or in the well of your Allegro machine.


Although our classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels, no children under age 14 are permitted to take class. If you are under 18, you will need a parent-signed waiver to attend class. 


If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before taking any classes at Core10 Pilates and continue to monitor during the duration of your pregnancy. If you have approval from your doctor, please arrive early to class and make sure your Core10 Trainer knows where you are in terms of trimesters throughout your pregnancy, as modifications vary based on the first, second, and third trimester.


While we try not to cancel classes or switch trainers last minute, things do happen. We reserve the right to change instructors for any reason at any time and cancel a class if the attendance is too low. We will always contact you personally if you are scheduled in a class by yourself or with one other person, and help you find another class instead. 


Core10 Pilates’ facilities are available for use during scheduled sessions, classes, and workshop times for clients who have pre-registered accounts and booked appointments. 

Anyone new to Core10, including members’ guests must register their account online prior to joining a class, private session, or workshop.  We do not accept brand new students walking into the studio to join a class last minute.


Thanks to our very active media on weather coverage, we all know when there is a big storm snow coming. If you reserve a spot, be sure that you can make it, knowing there is a potential storm on the way.

If you’re not sure you can make it through snow or possibly won’t be able to get out of your neighborhood due to snow, then do not reserve a class. Wait to add yourself to the schedule (to avoid late cancellation charges). Even during snowstorms, we rely heavily on our online reservation system to manage our schedule in advance.

Should a snowstorm prevent instructors from getting to Core10 studio, we will notify members with reservations a notice of class cancellation (the most like scenario would be an early morning class where too many are stuck in their neighborhoods before plowing begins). When in doubt–check your app for any schedule changes.

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