Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

8/29 C8/30 A8/31 B9/1 C9/2 A9/3 B9/4 C
9/5 A9/6 B9/7 C9/8 A9/9 B9/10 C9/11 A
9/12 B9/13 C9/14 A9/15 B9/16 C9/17 A9/18 B
9/19 C9/20 A9/21 B9/22 C9/23 A9/24 B9/25 C
9/26 A9/27 B9/28 C9/29 A9/30 B10/1 C10/2 A

A Workout: All-reformer Full-Body workout guaranteed to leave you shaking from the inside out. This is a light-spring workout that we like to call the Double-Decker Ab-Sandwich! Abs to start, side-lying arm series that hits your glute medius in an unexpected way, back to abs and then more side-lying arm series (that really targets the glute medius). 

B Workout: Total body conditioning with heavier springs to hit the outer wrapping muscles that will show more in sleek muscle definition. A Pull-Up series gives lots of attention to the upper body while targeting the core and abs equally.

C Workout: We hit it all again – core, strength, balance, and flexibility in this dynamic Full Body workout. Ooooh how we love a workout from the “deep end” of the Allegro! This workout is a sweaty one! 

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