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Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

2/26 C2/27 A2/28 B3/1 C3/2 A3/3 B3/4 C
3/5 A3/6 B3/7 C3/8 A3/9 B3/10 C3/11 A
3/12 B3/13 C3/14 A3/15 B3/16 C3/17 A3/18 B
3/19 C3/20 A3/21 B3/22 C3/23 A3/24 B3/25 C
3/26 A3/27 B3/28 C3/29 A3/30 B3/31 C4/1 A
4/2 B4/3 C4/4 A4/5 B4/6 C4/7 A4/8 B

A Workout: You’ll feel this total body challenge in a way you can only find by swimming in the deep end using the Core10 Mobile Platform! We’re loving the entire body in this workout with special attention to our best friends: Core, Glutes, Abs, Inner thighs, Biceps & Back.  

B Workout: Heavy-Loaded Full Body challenge targeting the back of the body! We leave no muscle behind and as always, the abs will get their fair share. This workout incorporates the Rolldown Bar in the straps for many fun series: 2 feet against the Rolldown Bar, then 1 foot at a time, then the hands.

C Workout: Integrate the reformer with tower springs for a fun-feeling footwork series that targets the hamstrings. We get it all in this workout -Bridges, Flying Kicks, Mountain Climbers, and multiple Plank series in shorter intervals to target the core and the abs.

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