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4/28 A4/29 B4/30 C5/1 A5/2 B5/3 C5/4 A
5/5 B5/6 C5/7 A5/8 B5/9 C5/10 A5/11 B
5/12 C5/13 A5/14 B5/15 C5/16 A5/17 B5/18 C
5/19 A5/20 B5/21 C5/22 A5/23 B5/24 C5/25 A
5/26 B5/27 C5/28 A5/29 B5/30 C5/31 A6/1 B
6/2 C6/3 A6/4 B6/5 C6/6 A6/7 B6/8 C

A Workout: 🌟 A Dynamic Circuit-Style Workout Designed to Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone with an Focus on Muscular Endurance!🏋️‍♀️💥

In this energizing circuit-style workout, we’re targeting both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers with varied tempos, ensuring a total body conditioning experience. Get ready for a non-stop flow of movements that seamlessly transition from one to the next, keeping your body engaged and your heart pumping! 💪💨

We’re putting your core, inner thighs, and abs to the test with a series of challenging exercises that will leave you shaking in your grip socks. Expect to sweat, shake and burn from the inside out as you push yourself to new limits and unlock your full potential! 🔥🧦

Show up regularly to this workout and you’ll walk out even stronger by the end of the month. 💪✨ It’s a journey of growth and empowerment, where every session leaves you feeling more powerful and confident than ever before.

B Workout: 🌟Experience the Ultimate Full-Body Transformation!

Get ready to bring sexy back with our sizzling B Workout – a fiery session designed to sculpt and define the entire body! 💪🔥

We’re cranking up the intensity with heavy springs and a laser focus on the muscles that live closer to the skin – the ones that showcase all your hard work and dedication. Prepare to unleash your inner strength as we dive into a series of dynamic exercises guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated and empowered! 💥✨

Throughout this workout, the long box takes center stage on the reformer, providing the perfect platform for a range of challenging movements. From Spider Kicks to Lunges and Mountain Climbers – we’re hitting all the right spots to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your entire body! 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♂️

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about balance – expect plenty of upper body work and core exercises to complement the lower body love and ensure a well-rounded sweat session that leaves no muscle untouched! 💦💪

C Workout:  🌟 A Fusion of Tower and Chair, Sprinkled with Extra Toys to Add an Extra Element of Fun! 🏋️‍♀️💥

In this dynamic session, we’re diving headfirst into a world of innovation and creativity, using the Tower and Chair to sculpt and strengthen your body from every angle. And with the addition of the disc and BOSU, get ready for a workout that pushes you to new heights and challenges your limits like never before! 🌟🪑

We’re kicking things off with a fiery Bridge series that will set your glutes on fire, courtesy of the Bootie Band. Then, brace yourself for a much-loved series of Suspended Abs that will wring out your abs right from the get-go! 🔥💪

We’re balancing out the intensity with 4 minutes of leg work on the disc for each leg, ensuring a full-body workout that leaves no muscle untouched. 

And just when you thought you couldn’t push any further, prepare to be amazed by our incredible new Ab Series on the BOSU, using the PT bar to take your core strength to new heights! 💪🌟

This is an unforgettable workout and an experience that will transform your body! 🌟



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