Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

12/26 B 12/27 C 12/28 A 12/29 B 12/30 C 12/31 A 1/1 B
1/2 C 1/3 A 1/4 B 1/5 C 1/6 A 1/7 B 1/8 C
1/9 A 1/10 B 1/11 C 1/12 A 1/13 B 1/14 C 1/15 A
1/23 B 1/24 C 1/25 A 1/26 B 1/27 C 1/28 A 1/29 B
1/30 C 1/31 A 2/1 B 2/2 C 2/3 A 2/4 B 2/5 C

A Workout: Burpees, Lunges and Pull-Ups💦 it’s another signature Full Body sweat session at Core10 using a light spring. You’ll feel this workout from head to toe! Bring a towel!

B Workout: Total Body Conditioning workout that will make you sweat, shake and burn! Challenging core and ab series using the box off the end of the tower, followed by phenomenal leg and upper body series off the BOSU. Walk in strong, crawl out stronger with this workout! 

C Workout: We hit it all again – core, strength, balance, and flexibility in this dynamic Full Body workout. It’s a hard core workout with layers that you’ll love! First layer starts on your back with 4 different series to target the legs, abs and mid-back. Next layer is single leg work with a foot in the straps (kneeling on the long box). The final layer is icing on the cake – a fantastic upper body series laying on the box, pulling straps. 

Refer a Friend

  1. Invite your friends & family to take 3 classes for $49.
  2. Join them in classes if you can. Remember what your first session was like? It’s way more fun if you can be there to help them.
  3. When your referral becomes a CORE10 member, YOU get a month of Unlimited Classes for only $139!


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