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Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

12/25 C12/26 A12/27 B12/28 C12/29 A12/30 B12/31 C
1/1 A1/2 B1/3 C1/4 A1/5 B1/6 C1/7 A
1/8 B1/9 C1/10 A1/11 B1/12 C1/13 A1/14 B
1/15 C1/16 A1/17 B1/18 C1/19 A1/20 B1/21 C
1/22 A1/23 B1/24 C1/25 A1/26 B1/27 C1/28 A
1/29 B1/30 C1/31 A2/1 B2/2 C2/3 A2/4 B

A Workout: This all-reformer workout is a heart-pumping challenge that will leave you quivering! We get it all in this fun workout – starting on our backs for feet in straps on a very light spring to wake up your core, followed by an ab series with our hands in the straps. Your legs will thank you for the standing lunges facing the tower, kneeling leg presses int he straps and spider kicks!  A little plank work and upper body work brings this workout full-circle!

B Workout: This is an awesome full body jumpboard workout is a killer sweat session! Bring water and a towel.

C Workout: Reformer, BOSU and Chair – Oh My!

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