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Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

8/28 A8/29 B8/30 C8/31 A9/1 B9/2 C9/3 A
9/4 B9/5 C9/6 A9/7 B9/8 C9/9 A9/10 B
9/11 C9/12 A9/13 B9/14 C9/15 A9/16 B9/17 C
9/18 A9/19 B9/20 C9/21 A9/22 B9/23 C9/24 A
9/25 B9/26 C9/27 A9/28 B9/29 C9/30 A10/1 B
10/2 C10/3 A10/4 B10/5 C10/6 A10/7 B10/8 C

A Workout: It’s always an All-Reformer Core Challenge with a light spring for a “Killer Core” full body workout! We start with some Full Body Integration (aka “FBI”) on the disc in Full Body classes, and in Essentials, think Dancing Bear, Planks off the footbar (without the disc). We have a box on the side of the reformer for a 3-minute lunge series – but that’s all the legs you’ll get in this light spring workout – It’s ALL ABS! We’ll finish with an ab set off the back of the mobile platform.

B Workout: This full body sweat session is the jumpboard of all jumpboard workouts (from start to finish!). If you love jumpboard – reserve your spot in the B all month and prepare to Sweat, Shake and Burn with us! 

C Workout: Creative and Fun! C is a full body workout using the rolldown bar for single leg work, progressing into awesome upper body workout that you’ll feel right down to the deepest of core muscles. Show up with a “Go heavy or Go home” mentality and you’ll get the best workout ever! Don’t miss this one! 

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  1. Invite your friends & family to try an Intro Offer to experience Core10, the workout, the vibe, and our awesome team of trainers. 
  2. Join them in classes if you can. Remember what your first session was like? It’s way more fun if you can be there to help them.
  3. When your referral becomes a CORE10 member, YOU get a month of Unlimited Classes for only $139!


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