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Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

4/30 C5/1 A5/2 B5/3 C5/4 A5/5 B5/6 C
5/7 A5/8 B5/9 C5/10 A5/11 B5/12 C5/13 A
5/14 B5/15 C5/16 A5/17 B5/18 C5/19 A5/20 B
5/21 C5/22 A5/23 B5/24 C5/25 A5/26 B5/27 C
5/28 A5/29 B5/30 C5/31 A6/1 B6/2 C6/3 A

A Workout: A Full Body workout that targets the back of the body with standing arm pulls using the footbar near the tower. We lunge off the reformer’s side with a strap attached to our leg to activate deep core muscles and stabilizers. This challenging workout feels so heavy but we only use a yellow or blue spring all the way through!  

B Workout: Total Body Conditioning in the Barrel! We work deep core muscles throughout the entire workout, and no muscle is left behind. The upper body gets lots of attention in this workout, but the hips and legs get a little love in a side-lying series with 1 foot in the strap. We save the best for last – a fantastic Pull-Up Series from the Footbar at the tower end. You may feel your abs in this series more than the lats!

C Workout: Tower, Chair, and Springs Everywhere! Who knew you could combine the tower springs with the chair? Don’t miss this creative sweat session that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body.

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