Total Body, Core-Focused Workouts

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7/26 C 7/27 A 7/28 B 7/29 C 7/30 A 7/31 B 8/1 C
8/2 A 8/3 B 8/4 C 8/5 A 8/6 B 8/7 C 8/8 A
8/9 B 8/10 C 8/11 A 8/12 B 8/13 C 8/14 A 8/15 B
8/16 C 8/17 A 8/18 B 8/19 C 8/20 A 8/21 B 8/22 C
8/23 A 8/24 B 8/25 C 8/26 A 8/27 B 8/28 C 8/29 A
8/30 B 8/31 C 9/1 A 9/2 B 9/3 C 9/4 A 9/5 B

A Workout: All Reformer with a light spring working from the front of the reformer toward the carriage, side-facing light spring leg slides. 

B Workout: Total Body Workout with heavy springs and a mobile footbar. We get stronger, leaner legs thanks to integrated tower/reformer leg series, Spider Kicks and kneeling Bend & Press. We also hit the upper body and core with Pull Ups and Ab Work off the footbar at the tower end.

C Workout:  Killer Core Workout using a BOSU, the tower rolldown bar 🙌


Ranking the routines begins on the 15th of the month. 

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