Core10 PIlates is a reformer Pilates studio specializing in group fitness reformer Pilates classes in West Omaha.

The Core10 workout is like the lovechild of Pilates and strength training. We take the tried-and-true Pilates method and dial up the intensity to a whole new level by combining it with the best of traditional strength training methods.

These short tutorial videos will help you get more out of your reformer Pilates classes.

Join us at Core10 to strengthen, lengthen, and tone! You’ll feel better, have more energy, and look amazing.

Form & Technique Tips

The Rocking Horse is a signature Core10 Pilates series designed to strengthen your core, upper body, calves, and hamstrings.

Form and technique are important when it comes to getting the most out of this awesome series on the tower. Wendy will guide show you as she coaches the tips to get the best results.

This isn’t your typical plank tutorial – it’s a plunge into the dynamic world of Pilates planking.

The Plank is the VIP of common Pilates reformer exercises and you’re about to become the maestro of many common reformer exercises.

Wendy Erven, Master Trainer at Core10 Pilates will teach you how to master the form and technique of the plank on the reformer, along with modified versions as well.

Get ready to unleash your core strength in a variety of exercises that stem from the plank position.

Dive into the realm of glute transformation with our latest video, to unlock the glute magic by mastering the Bend & Press on the reformer🍑✨

Learn the ins and outs of this transformative exercise, ensuring you hit the sweet spot every time.

The Bend & Press targets the glutes and hamstrings in subtly different ways. This short video focuses on the magic that happens when you kneel on the box and lay on the carriage. 

Master the art of the Bend & Press and practice it regularly to create a noticeable difference between your thigh and your butt.

The barrel is your secret weapon for beautifully sculpted legs, arms, and obliques.

In this video, Wendy Erven walks you through the ins and outs of using the barrel on the reformer, ensuring you get the most out of this sculpting gem. We’re talking targeted work that’s not only effective but downright magical!

Laying sideways in the barrel on a Pilates reformer is one of the best ways to ignite lateral muscles along the entire body. Think deltoids, obliques, outer thighs, and even the outer part of your glutes. 🦵💫

Long Spine is one of the best reformer Pilates exercises to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your entire body.

This video will show you what it looks like, with some tips to make it more or less challenging. 

We’ll give you options in classes and you decide what level to push yourself to in each workout. 

Prepare for a journey to Glute Magic! This bite-sized video is all about honing your Bend & Press skills using the reformer and a long box.

Wendy Erven takes you through the intricacies of the Bend & Press, specifically on the long box.

It’s a powerhouse exercise that targets the glutes and hamstrings, and with this video tutorial, you’ll master it in no time.

Join Wendy in this step-by-step breakdown, as she unveils the secrets to mastering Bear Push-Ups.

Whether you’re a Core10 veteran or a reformer rookie, this tutorial is your ticket to flawless form and a body that radiates confidence. 🌟

Aside from sculpting your arms into masterpieces, this exercise is a game-changer for total body strength.

Dive into the transformative world of Core10 Pilates!

While many are familiar with the plank, Wendy’s here to introduce you to its dynamic cousin – the Bear.

The Bear, when done Core10 style, is not just an exercise; it’s a total-body powerhouse on the reformer.

It’s a symphony of movements that engage every part of your body – your abs, upper body, legs, and even improves your posture.

Core10’s secret to a killer ab workout is to incorporate a bean bag or towel to increase the range of motion in reverse ab curls.

Translation: hello, flatter stomach, lifted lower abdomen, and a waistline that’s tighter than ever!

It’s not your typical bean bag – it’s an eye pillow filled with lavender and flaxseeds.  You can order a lavender silk eye pillow easily on Amazon today.

But hey, a small towel works wonders too! Wendy will show you how to use either in this game-changing tutorial, so you know exactly how to position and use a bean bag or a small towel for maximum ab-sculpting greatness.

Sitting in the barrel is not just about finding a comfy spot; it’s about transforming your core workout! 💪✨

When executed correctly, it’s a killer ab exercise that also sculpts and defines your legs and upper body. But beware, sit wrong, and you might feel it where you don’t want to – in your lower back!

We’re diving deep into the art of sitting in a barrel. in this video, Wendy Erven breaks down how to sit in the barrel for your height and core strength.

We’ve got tips for rookies who might be feeling it in their lower back because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We believe in modifications at Core10, ensuring everyone gets the best workout and feels that satisfying burn in their abs.

Stretching videos

Arriving early to your reformer Pilates class is ideal because you can take 5 minutes to prepare your body for the workout. Use this free video to learn a few exercises that will help you get better results from your workout. 

Are you feeling a clicking in your shoulder or feel like you don’t have the same range of motion in one shoulder compared to the other? This video will help you.

Discover the Quad Stretch of your dreams! This isn’t your ordinary quad stretch.

We’re revealing the absolute best of all quad stretches.

Wendy Erven, Master Trainer at Core10 Pilates, guides you through a stretch that goes beyond the basics, with a special focus on the deepest lying quad that often gets neglected in typical stretches: the rectus femoris.

This wall stretch will provide relief and flexibility to all four parts of your quadriceps. Release tension, improve flexibility, and say hello to a new level of quad bliss!

Ab workouts with Core10 Pilates

Allegro 2 Reformer Tips

Get ready for a dose of Allegro 2 wisdom with Wendy Erven! 🌟

She’ll show you and explain all the details you need to know to set your footbar for your height on the Allegro 2 Pilates reformer.

Setting your footbar right is key to alignment on your reformer. And this is not just for the Allegro 2 but for any reformer out there.

It’s not just about alignment today! We’re throwing in some safety tips that might just save the day for you, preventing injuries from the bar falling forward (which is what happens if you don’t secure your Allegro 2 footbar).

Meet the Allegro 2 reformer at Core10 Pilates – the Cadillac of all reformers!

We’ll take you through an introduction to the Allegro, show you how the footbar moves, the springs work, and a few more tips to help you feel more confident about getting on the reformer when you join us for your first Core10 workout.

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