The Core10 Method


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Not Your Average Pilates Class

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The Core10 workout is a challenging, core-focused group fitness class that is intense on the muscles, not on the joints or spine.

We eliminate rest periods, keep the tension on the muscles constant, and coach you to the optimal level of fatigue to fire up your fat-burning, slow-twitch muscle fibers in each exercise.

Each class is expertly sequenced to elevate your heart rate, keep you in the fat-burning zone during class, and create a striking metabolic afterburn that will redefine your body composition.

Give us 50-minutes 3x/week, and you will get results.

Personal Training Without
The Price Tag

Our small classes guarantee you personal attention from our expert, experienced instructors. You’ll get hands-on corrections and motivational pushes all for the price of a great cocktail!

Clients Working Out

The Allegro 2 Machine

It’s an incredibly effective machine that works your body in a uniquely intense way. The machine uses a system of springs and pulleys — and your own body weight — to work your upper and lower body with adjustable resistance.

We use the footbar and platforms at both ends of the machines. This allows for a huge variety of exercises and a much bigger challenge than traditional Pilates reformers.

Experience it for yourself. Take your first 3 classes for only $49 or 2 Private Sessions + 2 Classes for $199.

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