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Best Reformer Pilates Classes in Omaha - Core10 Pilates

The workout you need to live the life you want.

Get in the best shape of your life in Core10 Pilates Reformer Pilates classes.


With the best energetic playlists to motivate you while working up a sweat.

Goodbye to boring fitness routines!

Hello to a stronger, leaner, and more toned you.


Core10’s classes are intense on the muscles, not on the joints or spine. 

You’ll leave every workout feeling energized and empowered.


The best part? You’ll be torching calories long after the class ends.

Core10 workouts are like a fat-burning furnace that keeps going hours after that is done!


We’ve got a spot for you in our 7 weekly beginner reformer Pilates classes, lovingly dubbed “Essentials.”

All levels welcome – though some may prefer a Private Sessions. 


✅ Total Body Strength
✅ Core Conditioning   
✅ Heart-Pumping Intervals
✅ Bendy Flexibility
✅ Rock-Solid Balance

Why Settle for the Ordinary When You Can Experience the Extraordinary?

Welcome to the Playground

Core10 is a fun place to play!

And you’re invited!

We equip you with only the best equipment, trainers, and workouts designed to sculpt your dream physique.

This is the workout your body needs so you can live the life you want.

The Star of the Show is the Allegro 2 Reformer

With its Tower attachment to the Allegro, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife for fitness. 

This machine is a game-changer, using a dynamic system of spring loads, pulleys, and bungees.

You’ll engage every inch of your body in a way in Core10 Pilates classes.

Beyond the Reformer…

We’ve got an arsenal of other Pilates goodies to keep things fresh and exciting.

Core10’s top-notch equipment is meticulously maintained, so you get the most out of every workout and get the results you’re after.

Every piece of equipment is designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

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