For anyone entering the world of Pilates, you might be looking to improve your overall fitness, or reshape your figure, or maybe a bit of both. But with some Pilates classes and programs, the training methods might focus on one over the other, and therefore diminish the results of both. Improving your fitness and seeing the results in the mirror go hand-in-hand when it comes to Pilates, and at Core10 Pilates in Omaha, we strive to make that combination and results a possible reality for everyone who attends our classes. Keep reading to learn more about the Core10 Method and how it can help you achieve the fitness and figure results you are looking for in your life. 

What is the Core10 Pilates Method?

At Core10 Pilates in Omaha, we offer a Pilates fitness regimen like no other. We want to push our clients to get the most out of each and every exercise, session, and program, through challenging and intensive workouts. Instead of focusing solely on the joints and your spine, we look to help you improve the muscles surrounding those elements as well so that you will feel the results in your everyday life, as well as seeing the results in the mirror. 

Part of these results-based exercises are focused on minimizing rest periods and keeping a consistent pressure on your muscles to perform, so that you can reach the optimal fatigue levels that really help you burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. We do this over our extended programs by sequencing exercises and sessions in a way that elevates your heart rate to keep you in the fat-burning zone during classes, while also fostering a metabolic afterburn that will help you redefine your body composition and your fitness levels. 

Another important aspect of the Core10 Pilates method is our focus on making it accessible to all, regardless of your financial standing, group comfort levels, and personal training needs. Instead of gatekeeping the fitness results you are looking for with expensive prices and machines, we strive to make our individual classes, programs, and personal training offerings affordable. We also limit the size of our classes to ensure that every attendee is getting the personal attention and coaching they need from our experienced instructors, to help them achieve their goals.

Another important aspect that helps elevate our Pilates program offerings is the Allegro 2 machine. The Allegro 2 machine offers a uniquely intense way of working your body, supporting your workout with a versatile selection of exercises that use your body weight and pulley systems to help you push yourself to your limits. We have a number of these machines on site at our Omaha location, so you will be able to see how effective they are in action with your very first class!

Pilates Classes in Omaha – Core10 Pilates 

As you can see, the Core10 method is more than just a reference to our namesake. Our experienced instructors take pride in applying this method to every class attendee, giving them the personal fitness tools, instruction, and motivation they need to succeed and achieve their fitness and figure goals. 

Whether you are looking to improve your general fitness, or want to shape your figure into something that makes you feel more confident, Core10 Pilates in Omaha is here to help. Take your first three classes for the low price of $49, or schedule two private sessions and two classes for an amazingly low price of $199. Book a class today to get started.

The Core10 Method: Athletic Pilates for Fast Results

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