The Best Pilates Studios in Omaha, NE

It’s hard to know which Pilates studio to choose in Omaha, as there are so many.  Every year, local residents vote in the Best of Omaha to recognize the top 3 Pilates studios in Omaha. Core10 Pilates has been voted into the Best of Omaha since it opened in 2016. 

Core10 Pilates reformer classes are challenging, athletic workouts for people who are dedicated to changing their bodies. Classes are intense on the muscles, not on your joints or spine. It’s the most effective full body workout and give fast results – in as little as 10 sessions.

Basics About Traditional Pilates and It’s Founder

Pilates is a fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Since its inception it has become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, with over 11 million people regularly engaging in Pilates worldwide. Pilates focuses on using deliberate, controlled movements to develop core strength. There are several ways to practice Pilates, ranging from simple exercises with mat classes to more complicated moves using reformers, towers, chairs.

The Core10 Pilates is a Fun, Effective Group Fitness Class

  1. Core10 Takes the Complication Out of The Workout making every class more athletic and doable for everyone, no matter your experience. Essentials classes are open 6 days a week (beginners Pilates classes). It’s a a slower-paced class coached with more detailed instruction for new people and anyone who prefers this pace regularly. Our signature Full Body classes are designed for all levels. Cues are given to make it more or less challenging. Essentials are the best Pilates classes for beginners.
  2. Wider Range of Motion for More Flexibility and Core Strength. Core10 Pilates reformer classes feature the Allegro 2 reformer machines because they are highly adjustable for all body sizes. You can perform exercises from the front and back of these large Pilates machine. Traditional Pilates is most often done lying down and sitting on a traditional reformer, which is shorter and narrower in size. They are designed to work with the springs in one direction, which limits the number of muscle groups you can target.
  1. The Intensity at Core10 Pilates Gives Better Results – Faster! Classes are designed to get your heart pumping in a way that traditional Pilates simply can’t. You’ll get better results with more intensity in your workouts, which is why we specialize in high-intensity Pilates reformer workouts.


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Many Benefits of High-Intensity Workouts:

  • You burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Core10 exercisers burn 300-600 in a typical Core10 workout, based on our own internal research studies using Apple and Garmen watches to measure total calories burned and heart rate levels throughout different workouts.
  • Your metabolic rate is higher hours after exercise. You’ll burn approximately 10-15% more calories in the hours that follow a high intensity workout.
  • You can lose body fat because of the metabolic effect of a high-intensity workout, as well as total calories burned during a workout.
  • You’ll gain real strength and muscle, which further increases your metabolism all the time to burn fat 24/7.
  • Blood sugar can be reduced.
  • You can lower your blood pressure.

Sweat – Shake – Burn is the Core10 motto for a reason! We sequentially work our muscles to muscle fatigue for maximum strength gains, as you would in traditional strength training.

Every move incorporates multiple muscle groups, which not only makes your heart pump but also makes you shake as we progressively workout the entire body through the 50-minute workout.

Core10 Pilates provides better results when it comes to fat loss, cardiovascular endurance, and strength than traditional Pilates or strength training alone.

Is Core10 Pilates Studio Is Not For Everyone.

The intensity of Core10 workouts doesn’t suit everyone and is not for those who just want a light workout, or a workout focused on stretching.

It is for anyone who is dedicated to changing their bodies, and willing to be coached on form, technique and pushed to reach new limits in their strength, fitness abilities and flexibility. 

We recommend that people try a beginners Pilates class – called Essentials, if they have no experience with Pilates. Everyone at Core10 started brand new and progressed from there to reach new levels of strength, fitness and flexibility. The sheer variety of moves means that there’s something for everyone here, from complete beginners to seasoned athletes.

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