3 Ways to Crush Your Next Race

Be Faster, Stronger While Diminishing Back Pain

It’s hard to beat the benefits of running. It’s an awesome cardio and endurance activity. The feeling you get from a good run is addicting. It’s unfortunate that the wear and tear on joints and musculature imbalances that this high-impact sport can bring often becomes problematic.

Some great news is that there are 3 things you can do to prevent these imbalances or deal with them if you already have them. And best part is that you may also increase your speed and set a new PR:

1.     Pinpoint your imbalances

2.     Strengthen your glutes

3.     Strengthen your deep core muscles

 Common Imbalances for Runners

·      Quadriceps become more developed than the hamstrings

·      Low back muscles become stronger than abdominal muscles

·      Hip flexors become stronger than the gluteus muscles – and weak glutes are one of the worst precursors for injuries in runners



Many runners feel the results of their imbalances and gluteal weakness in the form of back pain, and believe their backs are to blame. The truth is that strong glutes equal strong backs! Your back pain will lesson and often go away entirely when you strengthen your glutes and deep core muscles.



When your glutes are weak, you’ll lose mobility in the hips, and you’re your body will over-compensate to make up for the glutes not functioning properly. This over-compensation leads to overuse of the rest of the muscles and joints, and ultimately show up in injuries.



Common Running Running Injuries – All Directly Related to Weak Glutes

·      Bursitis often comes with aching on the outside of the hip and is usually a sign of weakness in the glutes.

·      Pain in the front of the knee is also a sign of weak glutes and hamstrings (and strong quads overcompensating for the knee and hips joints)

·      Plantar Fasciitis is a very late sign of weak glutes. Chronically weak glutes affect your foot strike position during the running gait. Ultimately this can lead to the pain of plantar fasciitis.     


Test Your Glute Strength:

·      Squat Stand on one leg (with other leg lifted to 90 degrees in the front of the hip and knee) and try to hold your pelvis level. Gluteal weakness shows itself when the pelvis tips to one side or the other.

·      Lay on your side with hips and bottom leg straight. Bend the top leg forward at the knee, hovering toward the floor. Slowly lift the top leg diagonally up and backward away from your body 10 times, keeping your toes forward or slightly down. If there’s pain, it may be a sign of weak glutes.



Strengthening Your Glutes at Home?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear this, but you need to start doing squats and lunges, stat.


Other exercises that will help tremendously:

·      Single Leg Squats (aka Lunges)

·      Deadlifts

·      Lunge Walks

·      Side Lying Leg Lifts

·      Step Ups

·      Reverse Planks


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