Strengthen, Lengthen, Sculpt

Core10 Pilates - Voted #1 - Best Reformer Pilates Classes in Omaha

This workout will challenge and change the way you look, feel and move!

🎶Jam to the Beat

With upbeat, energetic playlists to motivate you while working up a sweat.

Muscles on Fire

Goodbye to boring fitness routines!

Hello to a stronger, leaner, and more sculpted body.

Core10’s classes are intense on the muscles, not on the joints or spine.  

The Afterburn Effect

The best part? 

You’ll be torching calories long after the class ends.

Core10 workouts are like a fat-burning furnace that keeps going hours after that is done!

Essentials for All Rookies

We’ve got a spot for you in our 7 weekly beginner reformer Pilates classes, lovingly dubbed “Essentials”

We Hit It All in 50-Minutes

Total Body Strength
Core Conditioning
Heart-Pumping Intervals
Bendy Flexibility
Rock-Solid Balance

Why Settle for the Ordinary When You Can Experience the Extraordinary?

Why Go It Alone When You Can Be Part of a Fun, Supportive Community? 

The energy is contagious and motivating!

A Team of Trainers

Core10 Trainers are truly a team and we’re here to coach and inspire you every step of the way.

Core10 is a fun place to play – And you’re invited!

We equip you with only the best equipment, trainers, and workouts to sculpt your dream physique.

The Star of the Show:

Allegro 2 Reformer

With its Tower attachment to the Allegro, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife for fitness. 

This machine is a game-changer, using a dynamic system of spring loads, pulleys, and bungees.

You’ll engage every muscle in your body in every class. 

Beyond the Reformer

We’ve got an arsenal of other Pilates fitness toys to keep things fresh and exciting.

Every piece of equipment is designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your entire body.

What Members Say about Core10 Pilates

Amy G

Core10 Pilates is the best Pilates studio in Omaha. Instructors give modifications so everyone can workout at their own level, all while challenging you to work harder.

The whole time, they're cueing you to ensure your form is right to get the best workout.


Core10 Pilates is SO MUCH MORE than a great workout...

It is the place that has transformed my thoughts, the way I see food and nutrition, the power of habits, and has empowered me to new levels of strength: body, mind, and spirit!

They are the BEST in their field. They challenge, inspire, correct, and lead.

If you're looking for a high-intensity workout with the most awesome people you will ever meet, Core10 is your place!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Secrets to Getting Started – Beginners Pilates 

We’ve got options that suit every level and preference!

Essential Essentials:

Looking for a fantastic starting point or a workout with 1-2 layers of progression? 7 Essentials classes are available every week.

Essentials classes are ideal for anyone new or new-ish who appreciates the basic version of each move.

These beginner’s Pilates classes are all about form and technique – and you can expect a full-blown, full body workout at a beginner’s level.

Full Body Fun:

Our signature Full Body class welcomes everyone, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro.

We believe in taking you on a journey, starting from the basics (level 1) and gradually cranking up the challenge (up to level 4) with expert guidance from our trainers.

No need to stress about leveling up; progress at your own pace, no matter your fitness or experience level.

Advanced variations are available for our more experienced and advanced members (aka “Pros”). Newer members can opt for the basic versions.

Choose 1 Intro-Pack ⬇️ and book your first session today!

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