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Best Reformer Pilates Classes in West Omaha - Core10 Pilates

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

with Core10 Pilates Reformer Classes!

In Every 50-Minute Core10 Pilates Class:

• Total Body Strength

• Core Training

• Heart-Pumping Intervals

• Bendy Flexibility

• Rock-Solid Balance

Proven Results:

We blend the best of Pilates with the most advanced strength training techniques at Core10 Pilates so you'll get better and faster results.

The Afterburn Effect:

Core10's workouts are designed to keep the furnace of fat-burning going strong long after the workouts are done.

Get ready to sculpt a leaner, stronger body.

Energizing Music-Driven Classes:

Core10 Pilates classes are more fun with playlists of your favorite tunes - all designed to keep you moving!

All Levels are Welcome in Full Body Classes:

These are multi-level and taught with options to make it more or less challenging. We give the options and you make the decisions.

Essentials Classes Available:

We offer 7 weekly beginner reformer Pilates classes, lovingly dubbed "Essentials"

Essentials Schedule:

Monday - Friday - 10 am

Wednesdays - 5:30 pm

Saturdays - 11 am

Welcome to the Playground

Core10 is not just a workout studio -

It’s a fun place to play!

What You'll Get:

The Most Advanced Equipment

So you never get bored!

The Most Innovative Workouts

So you get the results you want!

The Best Trainers in Omaha

So you get personal attention,

motivation and expert coaching!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Core10 Pilates Different?

Intensity: Core10 classes are intense on the muscles, not the joints and spine.

Community: Connect with like-minded people who value self-care and fitness.

Training Team: Our outstanding trainers will coach you every step of the way.

Workouts: Core-focused, full-body workouts designed to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your entire body.

Fast Results: Commit to 50-minutes, 3 times a week and you'll see results in your first month.

I’m New – Which Class Should I Take?

Everyone starts as a rookie at Core10! Welcome to being the newest!

Which Class Should I Take?

Essentials Classes: Start with our Essentials classes if you're new to Reformer Pilates. It’s perfect for beginners and anyone with joint or spinal issues that need modifications.

If you catch on quickly to new fitness classes, our Full Body class might be right for you instead of Essentials.

Full Body Classes: Suitable for all levels. Trainers give options to increase or decrease the intensity.

How Early Should I Arrive for My First Class?

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up your reformer and purchase grip socks if needed. Arriving late may result in not being permitted to join the class.

How Often Should I Take Classes?

2 times a week = Good Results

3 times a week = Great Results!

4-5 times a week = Fastest, Most Dramatic Results!!

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations may result in a charge to your account or forfeiting the session.

You manage your schedule and make all cancellations through your account in the Core10 Pilates app or through our website's schedule page, where you can also access your account.

How Do Waitlists Work?

You can join a waitlist through our booking system. When a spot opens up and you're next on the waitlist, you'll be moved into the class and get an email notification (and a text if you turn texting on in your account).

What to Bring to My Core10 Session?

Bring: Grip socks, a hand towel, and a water bottle.

Don’t Bring: Jewelries, strong perfumes, or bare feet on machines.

Can I take Core10 Classes When I'm Pregnant?

If you were regularly taking Core10 before you got pregnant, you can continue to take classes as long as you feel comfortable and have your doctor’s approval.

All of our instructors are trained in pre and postnatal modifications.

If you are new to Core10, we do not advise you to try it for the first time when pregnant. Doctors don’t recommend taking a new workout when pregnant, especially something as core-intensive as Core10.

How Do I Schedule Private Pilates Sessions?

Purchase with an Intro Private Session for $79

or 1 Private Sessions +2 Classes for only $99

We'll contact you asap to schedule your session.

Feel free to call us at 402-915-3022 with any questions about availability.

What is the Class Schedule

We offer classes each day of the week at different times. Click HERE to access the class schedule to see what time and day is best for you. From that page you can book the exact class you like.

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